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Grade 5 Digital Research Sources: Home


The resources in this guide have been collected to help you with research and to introduce you to the variety of different digital research sources you will be using in the middle years. Most of these resources have usernames and passwords. If you forget the username or password for a resource, please ask Ms. Karam, Mrs. McMartin, or one of your teachers. The librarians are also happy to help you will research, as well!

Database Resources

Databases are digital digital collections of academic sources that have been collected by experts. The sources you find in databases are trustworthy and cover many different subjects. Databases require usernames and passwords.

Digital Encyclopedias and Media Sources

Digital Encyclopedias give you access to research articles, images, videos and so much more. We also have a digital subscription to the Globe and Mail, which is an excellent source for local and global news. These resources require a username and password.

Books and Ebooks